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Candle Making Class


We’ve been running Classes & Workshops as Live In Spirit for over 10 years. Our classes are jam packed with enough information for you to start a small candle making business if you so choose.  We’ve taught in excess of 6000 people the fine art of candle making and we’re still going strong.  

We are always trying to help our customers add value in quick and easy ways, because time is money.  So when we discover something new, we are always quick to share it with our customer base and in our classes, which is why today you will find our classes also include Room Sprays, Perfumes & Diffusers.  And this is how our workshops have become the most valued and sort after in Australia.  

Learn to make scented Soy Candles, Room Sprays, Perfumes & Diffusers that will rival the professionals! You would typically buy these products for $30 each, but you will learn to make for under $5.00ea YOU’LL NEVER PAY RETAIL PRICES AGAIN!!!

We have a custom built workshop specifically designed for the teaching environment, which makes it convenient and comfortable for our attendees. In addition to this, if you decide to buy supplies after the class we have a fully stocked shop on the premises and wholesale opportunities if you happen to turn your new hobby into a thriving business

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